So, you recently made the decision to try e-cigarettes as a tobacco alternative. For you, the number one most important question is probably, “Where can I buy electronic cigarettes in the UK?” Don't worry; you're not alone. Just about everyone new to the vaping community asks that question.

The good news is that the popularity of vaping has made it easy to find the products in the UK. You can now buy them at:

  • independent stockists
  • speciality vaping shops
  • vaping lounges.

You can even buy them online through companies like VAPESTICK. There are enough choices that you should not have trouble finding them.

Couple in bed enjoying an after sex vape on their electronic cigarettes

Independent Stockist

An independent stockist could be anything from a department store to an electronics boutique to a petrol station. VAPESTICK is proud to count hundreds of independent stockist across the UK as part of our supplier family. However, we also work with a number of corporate stockists as well.

For example, you can find VAPESTICK products at Makro, Red5, Cosco, Tesco, WHSmith, and Londis. Among all of these retailers there are enough collective outlets to make finding VAPESTICK fairly easy. If none of these retailers has locations in your area, you can of course always buy our products online.

If you frequent a local pub or bar that allows vaping, you might be surprised to learn they could be selling e-cigarette products from behind the bar. There are a small number of establishments doing so as a way to win back customers they lost when the smoking ban went into effect. Perhaps if your favourite pub is not doing so, you could suggest they start carrying the VAPESTICK brand.

Vaping Shops and Lounges

With millions of e-cig users now all over the world, there is no doubt smokers love e-cigarettes as a tobacco alternative. One look at the E-Cigarette Forum is all the proof you need of that. However, the great thing is that the explosive nature of the industry has given rise to speciality vaping shops and lounges.

A vaping shop is the e-cigarette equivalent of a tobacconist. The shop owner may concentrate on just one single brand, or he/she may carry multiple brands along with accessories and e-juice. A vaping lounge is slightly different.

The vaping lounge is a lot like a coffee shop except that it focuses on vaping instead of coffee. It is a place where vapers can get together to enjoy the experience while also sampling new products, swapping stories, and even enjoying a cup of tea or coffee. Most of these lounges carry at least a limited supply of vaping products.

Where you purchase your electronic cigarettes is not as important as making the decision to do so. Research cited by the Electronic Cigarette Consumer Association (ECCA) and others clearly shows there are real benefits to switching from smoking to vaping. So making that vision is the first and mt important step.

Once you have made the decision, it's important that you choose the right brand. VAPESTICK is one of the most recognised in the UK as well as one of the first to bring high-quality e-cigarette products to this country. We believe you will find both our rechargeable and disposable e-cigs to be more than satisfactory. Moreover, as we said earlier, you can purchase VAPESTICK online or at a traditional retail outlet near you.

Where can I buy electronic cigarettes in the UK? Now you know the answer to that question.