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Just orded a Vapestick XL after trying the disposable one for 3 days! Can't wait for it to come :) I would recommend it to...... Ruth Elliott, Feb 2012
I am advising you that i will soon be cancelling my monthly Vapestick subscription due to doing so well on the giving up...... Angela Darling, October 2013
@VAPESTICK is amazing. I was on 20 a day for over 20 years, switched over and not even wanted a normal fag.... Paula PAI, August 2013
i started using e cigaretes 8 weeks ago now and have never looked back all this hype saying it is bad for you is total rubbish...... mark5000, Apr 2014
Vapestick is the way forward! :-)... valerie bull, Feb 2012
Hi there, just wanted to say thanks for your help and your fantastic customer service. The new cartomisers for the classic...... Ian Flanagan, January 2013
great product,haven't smoked real cigarette for over a month now!! but could you make the flavors stronger? i.e cherry and...... Natasha smart, Apr 2015
Tried the starter pack as i like having a smoke to ease my nerves,calm me down etc a few month ago after having severe reactions...... Steven Andrews, Jun 2012
Been on e-cigarettes since June 2012 after smoking 30-40 ciggies a day. Had been using a competitors e-cigs until Dec 2012...... ANDREW PROSSER, Jan 2013
I smoked for 20 years and after about 5 months on vapestick actually gave up altogether. They are the best by...... James Hearne, Mar 2013