Are you still using tobacco on a regular basis? Are you tired of all of the ill effects that come from cigarette smoking? If you answered 'yes' to these questions, we want you to know there is a far better alternative in the water vapor cigarette. Also known as the ‘e-cig’, it is a device that offers a number of benefits, including:

  • eliminating smoke
  • saving you money
  • addressing your nicotine habit without questionable NRTs.

Man in a bar vaping water vapor electric cigarette from Vapestick

Eliminating Smoke

The main goal of public smoking bans is to eliminate cigarette smoke from mainstream society. It is a noble goal, indeed. However, statistics clearly show that smoking bans alone are never going to eliminate smoking completely. Electronic cigarettes can help where bans fail.

At the heart of smoking is a habit that many participants truly enjoy. In other words, they may not enjoy the adverse health effects of tobacco smoke, but they do enjoy the habit of smoking. They find it calming and relaxing, a door to social activities, and a means of keeping themselves occupied in order to avoid other things.

For these types of smokers the key is to allow them to continue enjoying a habit they do not intend to give up while, at the same time, eliminating smoke. That's exactly what electronic cigarettes do. They simulate the smoking experience with remarkable accuracy. Yet there is no tobacco, combustion, or smoke involved.

One of the additional benefits of electronic cigarettes, according to, is the fact that the elimination of cigarette smoke reduces the harm done by the smoking habit. That makes complete sense. Eliminate tobacco smoke and you eliminate thousands of chemicals and nearly four-dozen carcinogens.

Saving You Money

Despite the known dangers of tobacco smoke, some smokers are not motivated by those dangers to reduce or eliminate tobacco consumption. So for them, a better angle is to discuss the fact that electronic cigarettes save you an awful lot of money especially long term. If you are curious about your own personal situation, we suggest you give our cost calculator to try. You'll find it on our main page.

That said, the average e-cigarette user saves between 30% and 70% annually when he/she switches from a full-time smoker to a full-time vaper. The wide range and savings is due entirely on the brand of tobacco being replaced and the brand of e-cigarette chosen. Keep in mind that the average pack of tobacco cigarettes in the UK is about £8 these days.

If you are a 20-a-day smoker, you could enjoy savings of more than £2,000 annually by choosing to use a rechargeable electronic cigarette instead. What would you do with that much extra money? You might pay some bills, make some repairs on your home, or even take your family on much-deserved holiday.

Between eliminating harmful smoke and saving you money, the water vapor cigarette has a lot to offer; we will not even get into the issue of comparing e-cigs to nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs). If you would like more information about that, check out the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH).


Hopefully we have given you enough reason to seriously consider ‘making the switch’ from tobacco to the water vapor cigarette. If so, VAPESTICK has everything you need to successfully make that switch. You might start with a disposable e-cig first, to see if vaping is right for you, and then invest in a rechargeable model for maximum savings. In either case, we believe you will find our quality and pricing second to none.