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XL Kit (with Charger Case) Now £19.99! (while stocks last)

Welcome to the full XL Starter kit:

  • 1x Slimline Portable Charging Case 
  • 2x Rechargeable 180mAh XL Batteries 
  • 5x XL/MAX pre-filled Cartomisers (in assorted strengths/flavours)
  • 1x USB Charger Lead (to charge the case)
  • 1x USB Charger Lead (to charge the batteries)
  • 1x V Card
  • 1x User Manual

The all-new XL rechargeable e-cigarette comes in either all-black or black/chrome designs, and delivers an amazing vaping experience! The XL uses new and specially designed 180mAh batteries, for around 220 puffs use between charges. These new XL kits also include the ultimate vaping accessory - our 'slimline' V Charger Case! 

The Slimline Charger Case holds your full XL VAPESTICK, and up to 3 of your spare pre-filled Cartomisers, and your spare battery, which it can charge on the go! Once your battery is out of juice, just swap it for the one in your case and you're up and vaping again, straight away. You just drop in the battery that needs charging (no need to screw it into the slot), hold the button down for 3 seconds, and the charging cycle starts. (A fully charged case will recharge 3 fully depleted batteries before itself needing a recharge).

The XL kit comes with 5x pre-filled Cartomisers, and each Cartomiser delivers around 300 puffs of Vape-time. In every starter kit you get; Original (2.4% nicotine), Tobacco (2.4%), Menthol (1.8%), Cherry (1.8%) and Apple (1.8%), so you can try them all and decide on your favourite before making your first order for refills.

Once you've got the kit, you can buy pre-filled Cartomisers in further flavours and all in 4 different nicotine strengths, in boxes of 4, (or you could subscribe for regular deliveries and save another 20%!)

The XL model comes with our signature blue LED light tip, and is constructed using the latest technologies, finest ingredients & components.

NEVER LEAVE CHARGING BATTERIES UNATTENDED. When charging any Lithium-ion battery you should always remain in constant observation, to monitor the charging process and react to any potential problems that may occur. Only use the chargers provided by VAPESTICK with VAPESTICK batteries.

Instructions To Use The Slimline V Charger Case (in case you lose the manual!): 

Charging your Slimline V Charger Case

Briefly press the black button at front of your Case to see if it requires charging. If less than 4 black bars are displayed in the blue LED screen, then the case can be charged further (until it reaches the maximum of 4 bars)

To charge the Case, attach one end of the provided Micro-USB Lead into the socket located at the bottom of the left side of the Case, and the other end into either a wall plug adaptor, or into any computer, laptop, games console or other USB-receiving device.

Once the case is fully charged, disconnect the Micro-USB cable.

If the case is charged but the screen remains blank when pressing the front panel button, the case requires a re-set. To do so, simply click the button 5 times in a row, and the screen should spring back to life.

Recharging a Battery with the V Charger Case

Slide the battery (with connector side down) into the second-from-right hand slot within the case .Then just press and hold the button on the front of the case for a few seconds, until the LED screen turns red and the charging symbol appears. The battery is now charging. If the lid is closed and re-opened at any time during the charging process, it will be interrupted - simply repeat the above steps to restart the charging process once again. All lights/screen display will cease after a few seconds. You can check the progress of the charging cycle at any time by briefly pressing the button on the front of the Case. When the light is red, the battery is still charging, and once it turns back to blue the battery is fully charged. Then slide the battery out from the Case and connect it to a Cartomiser and it is ready for use. It can also be just stored in that slot in the Case for your convenience.

The remaining compartments in the Case are to hold your full VAPESTICK (right hand slot) and up to 3 spare pre-filled Cartomisers. 

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Product Specification

Battery Capacity180
Battery Life150
Recharge Time2
Available Flavours6
Available Strengths4
Av. Puffs Per Cartridge300

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