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I've been using vapestick for the last two days an I've got to say its brilliant!!!!!. its just like smoking a proper cigarette....... Mave C, Jul 2012
ty 4 your help and ty 4 the vapestick max - its the best - 4 weeks no smoking ty ty ty... Stu Gale, March 2012
Loving this Vigar, I can't remember the last time I smoked in bed... Jason press, Jan 2013
Just felt I needed to thank your team for both of your quick response phone calls. Excellent service. Thank you all questions...... Carole Uzzell´╗┐, March 2012
Bought the Vapestick at the beginning of the month for this "Stoptober" malarky.. and I've not had a naughty cigarette once!...... Jennifer Ramsden, Oct 2012
Great product! Smoked for 30 years! Haven't had a roll- up in 3 weeks. I had been feeling unwell on regular tobacco for a...... Gary Humphreys, Jul 2013
Hello, this is s long overdue letter to thank you for the swift manner in which you dealt with my query/request. I spoke...... Andrea Gwinnett, Feb 2015
I've not smoked cigarettes for over 4 months with Vapestick. I've got the Chrome Max version, highly recommend.... David Lodge,
Hi there, Just wanted to give you my testimonial / review of the Vapestick Max and my Vapestick experience in general: My...... Chris Freeman, May 2nd 2012
Well I must admit , I love smoking ...but not had one for a month now, just vaping :)... paul Wade, Jun 2012