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I have had my vapestick nearly a month,after being a smoker for 40 years,and tried every NRT available and the tablets,nothing...... patricia keeler, Aug 2014
its clean,its easy,its the way forward..i prefer the menthol 2.4 cartomisers for my max...havent had a fag for 12 weeks &...... Ian White, June 2013
Wow, I have just started replacing my 40 a day habit with Vapestick and I know its more of a crutch rather than cure but...... Dan Young, April 2014
I started using a vapestick max about 3 months ago, and instantly preferred it to cigarettes, cheaper, healthier, better...... Stephen Jones, Mar 2013
OMG..I LOVE THE CARTOMISERS!!!Such a better vaping experience :D Nearly at 13 weeks since 'moving over' and deffo no going...... Donna Ward, Jan 13
Thank you all for dealing with my concerns so quickly. Your company is, by far, the best of any that I have ever dealt with....... Paul Bellamy, April 13
Gone 12 weeks on the vapestick now and LOVE IT!!!... Karl Leisk, Jan 12
so glad I got vapestick 4 Jay, my car smells lovely n fresh, no smoke...the coolest electronic cigarettes x ... Louise Cliffe, Jan 2012
Thanks to @VAPESTICK I haven't had a cigarette for over a week! Definitely recommend!... Kym Graham, August 2013
Goodbye smoking days!!! Thank you @VAPESTICK ... Charlie Jacks, July 13