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I have been vaping for nearly 14 months, never thought I could kick the cigarettes but I will never go back.... Morticia Adams, April 2015
I have been vaping since 2011!!! Best thing ever!!... Natalie Chapper, April 2015
Never in my life have I had the CEO of a company personally call me to sort out a mistake. Whilst it couldn't be fixed due...... Nicholas Orlaff, Mar 2013
It's been 31 days and 12 hours from when I stopped smoking. The #vapestick is for winners @VAPESTICK's ace :)... david thomson, Mar 2013
I have to say how good this product and the overall customer experience is. Can't praise vapestick highly enough. Top...... Mat Knight, Feb 2012
I've been using vapestick for a few months it is absolutely fabulous but have now stopped using it because I have quit smoking...... Ann Brockett, Oct 2013
its clean,its easy,its the way forward..i prefer the menthol 2.4 cartomisers for my max...havent had a fag for 12 weeks &...... Ian White, June 2013
it really works!  I'm very happy with Vapestick! Never thought it would work this well! ... Stan Van Houten, October 2013
I love my vapestick because I don't have to worry about bad breath if I forget my gum, I won't have to brave the cold, wet...... Naomi Thompson, Aug 2011
Approaching my third week (20d 12h. I'm not counting) without a cigarette after a solid 13 pack years, all thanks to @vapestick... Will Luke, Dec 12