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I have been using Vapestick for about a year now and I have finally managed to give up tobacco. Nothing else worked, not...... Christopher Bingham, Feb 2013
Ahh this VAPESTICK is actually amazing . It's... Just ... Like smoking a cig ... But not exactly... Better than you...... Lady Sovereign, Feb 2012
It's been a year this month since my Vapestick and I became great friends! We go everywhere together and my XL has been there...... Rachel Mayhew, June 2013
I still can't get over finally managing to quit cigarettes. I started smoking as a teen, was up to 20-30 a day by my twenties...... Ruth Riegler, Feb 2012
Great customer service from @VAPESTICK with reference to an order I screwed up. Great people to deal with and very...... Michael Smith, Mar 2012
I have been using this service since September, and I love the Vapstick, it works wonderfully and replaces Cigs for me completely,...... Sarah-anne wyard, Jan 2013
I bought the XL starter kit 4 weeks ago and have not smoked a rollie since. These are an amazing alternative to cigarettes...... MARY FLETCHER, Oct 2013
I haven't smoked a real cigarette since I tried my first e-cig, after smoking between 20-30 a day for nearly two decades!!!......... Ayman Azmy, May 2012
Just got my Vapestick and very pleased. the best thing of all is the taste!! Thank you VAPESTICK!! You have created...... Roger Michael, Mar 2013
Hi there, just wanted to say thanks for your help and your fantastic customer service. The new cartomisers for the classic...... Ian Flanagan, January 2013