Smokers Need Clarification - Are E-Cigs Bad for You or Not?

The rise of the electronic cigarette industry has inevitably led to many people asking, "are e-cigs bad for you?" Unfortunately the answer is not as clear-cut as a simple yes or no. Proponents of electronic cigarettes claim they are substantially less harmful than the tobacco alternative, while critics try to paint the devices as being the next worst thing to burning tobacco.

The difficulty in answering safety questions with concrete, unequivocal answers lies in the reality that there simply is not enough long term clinical data. However, the body of available clinic data is growing every single day, and in all cases (when read correctly) the outcomes are positive. Currently there are multiple, ongoing studies looking at things like:

  • e-cigarettes and cytotoxicity
  • the effects of inhaled nicotine
  • using e-cigarettes for smoking cessation
  • electronic cigarettes as a harm reduction strategy.
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Intentions Are Important

Those of us involved in the vaping industry believe it is important to remember intentions. In other words, who are electronic cigarettes primarily intended for? Despite what some critics would have you believe, our products are intended for adult smokers only. They are not marketed to – or intended for – non-smokers or children.

That being said, the real question is therefore not whether e-cigs are bad for you or not. It is whether they are as bad as tobacco cigarettes or not. If not, there's no reason to attempt to restrict their availability, while allowing tobacco cigarettes to continue being sold unabated. That strategy simply makes no sense.

No More

As more and more data comes out confirming that electronic cigarettes are many orders of magnitude less damaging than tobacco – it makes sense to promote and encourage them as the tobacco alternative that they clearly are.

Real Science, Not Junk

While some may find it hard to believe, e-cigarette companies like VAPESTICK are fully in favour of genuine scientific studies regarding vaping and its effects. It's not as though we jumped into this industry with the intention of purposely hurting people! We provide electronic cigarettes because we are utterly convinced that they are a far better alternative to traditional tobacco smoking.

We always appreciate clear, unbiased, and scientifically-based opinions, offered by researchers like Boston University's Dr. Michael Siegel. His Tobacco Analysis blog is one of the best sources of information for anyone looking to be part of an honest discussion about vaping.

Smoking Facts 1

On the other side of the coin, studies are also released that attempt to discredit electronic cigarettes, by categorising them as dangerous products in one way or another. As Dr. Siegel points out, much of the organised opposition to e-cigs is funded by those with a vested interest in keeping traditional tobacco and ‘approved’ NRTs on the market.1

If we truly want to know whether e-cigs are bad for us or not, we need to concentrate on real science rather than junk. The Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association (TVECA) is just one organisation providing readers with links to actual scientific data.

Remember these

As the real science continues to mount in favour of e-cigs, VAPESTICK wants to encourage you to consider trading in your tobacco for the electronic alternative. Our products are designed to give you a quality vaping experience that more than satisfies.

Please consider trying VAPESTICK before you buy your next pack of tobacco cigarettes. You can purchase our products online, or at national and local stockists around the country. Tesco, Costco and Harrods are just three examples of major outlets carrying the VAPESTICK brand.

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