Electronic cigarettes were first introduced commercially a little more than 10 years ago to mixed reviews. But as more and more people tried these devices as a tobacco alternative, the more their popularity grew. Today, they are taking the smoking world by storm as a way to get around ironclad smoking bans in most westernised countries. But going well beyond the simple technical aspects e-smoking, also known as "vaping", the electronic cigarette industry has given way to a whole new world of modifications.

In the world of electronic cigarettes, mods are broken down into one of two categories: manufacturer modifications that make an existing commercial product better and user modifications where individual vapers create their own monster electronic cigarettes. Both types of mods are completely valid and continually add to a brave new cultural lifestyle being embraced by more and more former smokers. For the remainder of this article we'll talk about to look at the top 5 e-cig mods, according to our opinion. Some are manufacturer mods and others are user mods.

#5 - The Silver Bullet

We could easily get in trouble not making this and the number one mod, but we make it number five because it's a manufacturer modification. In our opinion, user mods are much more worthy of number one and two positions. Regardless, the Silver Bullet is a great modification in that it has taken the standard electronic cigarette and turned it into a "military grade" device that can withstand all sorts of punishment.

The Silver Bullet is an all metal electronic cigarette which utilizes a multitude of different battery and atomiser combinations. For the vaper who likes to mix and match his batteries and atomisers according to the e-juice he uses, this is the perfect device. Its stylish craftsmanship is beautiful to look at, while its heavy-duty construction makes it very hard to damage.

#4 - The Screwdriver

Another one of our favourite commercial modifications is known as the Screwdriver. This is another type of electronic cigarette that took existing technology and extended it for greater performance. The greatest advantage to the Screwdriver is much longer battery life. Where a standard e-cigarette uses batteries rated at 130 mAh, the Screwdriver takes batteries rated as high as 900 mAh. That's the difference between changing your batteries every hour or two and having a single battery last for an entire day.

#3 - The Cellophane Tape Mod

The cellophane tape mod is perhaps one of the simplest things you can do to increase the density of your vapour cloud. Why is this important? Beyond simple aesthetics, the reality is that the vapour cloud is what carries the nicotine into your throat. If you're not getting a sufficient cloud you might be wasting nicotine and spending more money. And since many juices use propylene glycol rather than vegetable glycerine as the base liquid, vapour clouds tend to not be as thick and dense as they could be.

By placing cellophane tape over your air intake holes, you will increase the density of your vapour cloud. You should place the tape over all of the intake holes to begin with then use a pin to open up one hole the time, testing your cloud after each one. Most people will love just having one or two holes open. The only problem with this mod is if your particular brand of e-cigarette requires you to remove the tape every time you want to refill a cartridge.

#2 - The Bottom Feeder

The bottom feeder is an excellent mod which started out under the user category but has since gone commercial. The bottom feeder is for the serious vaper who doesn't care what his personal vaporizer device looks like. It consists of a small wooden or plastic box and a mouthpiece. Inside the box is a 3ml bottle of e-juice, a battery, and a little bit of tubing. The atomiser is inside the mouthpiece and can be switched out very easily.

What makes this mod so awesome is the fact that you can use a long-life battery that could potentially last up to two days. You also don't have to worry about continually refilling cartridges because you're drawing juice directly from the bottle in which it came. Finally, you have a primer button to help wet a dry atomiser, allowing you a full vaper experience without the risk of flooding the atty. With the bottom feeder you grab one device and go, and you're all set - all day.

#1 - The Pen Light Mod

This is by far our favourite modification because it allows users to make their own electronic cigarettes for next to nothing. It requires a pen light torch, an RCA connector, and the standard cartomisers and batteries you're purchasing anyway. Most of these pen light mods use an 801 cartomiser which seem to work well. To do this modification you simply remove the guts of the pen light, install the connector in place of the lens housing, drop in your batteries, and screw the top of the pen light back on. Then screw your cartomiser on to the connector and you're ready to vape.

These instructions are pretty general, but you can find detailed instructions on the Internet. Pen light electronic cigarettes are easy to make and considerably less expensive than buying traditional products that come ready-made. You can even make several of them in different colours and styles to suit your preferences.