As a smoker, you may be concerned about potential e-cig side effects should you decide to make the switch. However, is there actually anything to worry about? Are the e-cig side effects that you have heard about real or imagined? That depends on the specific side effects that you are talking about.

Let's first take a look at what we know about tobacco smoking:

  • it kills millions of people every year
  • it causes lung cancer, heart disease, etc.
  • it has been linked to birth defects
  • it is very addictive in most cases.

Man with two lovely ladies vaping their e cig

An Honest Look at E-Cigs

Tobacco smokers looking to find a different alternative usually do so because of either the known dangers of tobacco smoking or the price and inconvenience of using traditional tobacco cigarettes. All of the negative side effects of tobacco use are gradually making the habit less attractive. So what about e-cigs?

  • Where tobacco kills millions of people every year, the UK Nudge Unit has suggested electronic cigarettes could save millions of lives. Others have joined the Nudge Unit in that assertion.
  • Where tobacco causes multiple smoking-related diseases, there is no evidence to date linking vaping with any such diseases or medical conditions.
  • Where tobacco has been linked to birth defects, there is no evidence to date linking e-cigarette use with those same birth defects.
  • Where tobacco smoking is addictive, electronic cigarettes answer that addiction without toxic cigarette smoke.

The Real E-Cig Side Effects

In the absence of scientific data suggesting e-cigarettes are as harmful as tobacco, there is not much else to say from the medical standpoint. However, that's not to say there aren't any real side effects observed by vapers. There are.

The first side effect comes by way of a lack of tobacco smoke odours. Because e-cigarettes do not burn tobacco, they do not leave behind the used ashtray smell tobacco smokers are used to. That results in cleaner and fresher smelling hair, clothing, furniture, curtains and more.

The second important side effect is the reduction in tobacco consumption. According to research cited by the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association (CASAA) and others, vapers are using e-cigs as a tool to cut down on tobacco. Guess what? Every time a smoker vapes instead, he or she is smoking one less cigarette.

The third side effect of e-cigs is an increase in disposable income. Where the average 20-a-day smoker spends nearly £3,000 annually on his/her habit, the typical full-time vaper spends less than £900. That's one of those e-cig side effects we can all appreciate.

The Intelligent Choice

As an intelligent individual able to make your own choices, we encourage you to seriously consider the positive results of replacing your tobacco consumption with e-cigarettes. We have highlighted just a few of the positive things about vaping here. However, rest assured that there are many more.

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