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Hi just ordered some refills,my wife did the demo at costco in derby about three weeks ago and got 100% feedback then she...... michael bull, Feb 2012
I've recently decided to bite the proverbial bullet yes, and I have quit both smoking and vaping. Having used your brand...... Daniel Hunter, September 2014
19 days smoke free and tonight the wine is flowing nicely...i am not smoking, i am quite happy menthol vaping :-)... Laura Townsend, January 2012
Been on e-cigarettes since June 2012 after smoking 30-40 ciggies a day. Had been using a competitors e-cigs until Dec 2012...... ANDREW PROSSER, Jan 2013
Very pleased to say I have been #smokefree for a few weeks now, thanks to my new best friend the @VAPESTICK... @MartinRothwell, July 2012
@VAPESTICK this vapestick is ledge, thank you #ihatecancer ... Matt Di'Angelo, July 13
I am emaiing you to say how pleased I am with the new cartomisers. The only problem being I will now have to cut down on...... Tricia Plank, January 2013
Hi. You have a superb product. Having smoked for 50 years, and tried everything to give up...nothing works..I'm delighted...... Gillian Mary Woods, March 13
The cartomisers are fab!!! Just received them. The 1st cartomiser lasted me a day before tasting like it had run out....other...... Rachel Martin, Feb 13
Stoptober didn't work for me however stop 13th Nov has...well 24 hours in and no naughty ciggies just my @VAPESTICK apple...... Michelle Jones, November 2012