Electronic cigarettes are proving popular for smokers and ex-smokers too. Some people turn to electronic cigarettes when looking for a suitable alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Others smoke them simply when they are in an area where smoking is not allowed - like a bar or restaurant. Regardless of the way a smoker uses an e cigarette, the question often arises about whether e cigs are safe or simply another dangerous smoking device similar to tobacco cigarettes.

What you need to know about e cigs

Not sure if e cigs are safe? Most people aren't 100%. There have been no notable scientific studies that have observed the effects electronic cigarettes have on human health over the longer term. Of course, this is purely because e cigs are a relatively new device. It takes a long time of consistent public use before any direct conclusions can be made regarding the safety of medical products, tobacco products, food products, and drink products - e cigs are no exception.

However, most authorities have concluded that electronic cigarettes do not pose a significant threat to human health. Any carcinogens present in some e-liquid cartridges are only found in the tiniest of traces - considered to be far too small to cause any damage to human health. Some people are worried that electronic cigarettes can be used as a gateway to tobacco cigarette consumption, especially for minors. This is why many governments have chosen to ban the selling of e cigs to people under the age of 18 - just to stay on the safe side. All of this speculation leads the interested observer to conclude that there is little currently known about the potential e cig health risks.

Healthy couple enjoying e cigs in bed

What smokers think

When considering electronic cigarettes in comparison to tobacco cigarettes, it is obvious that e cigs can only be a far safer alternative. Most smokers agree that any potential damaging health effects caused by e cigs pale in comparison to those that the average smoker risks on a daily basis. Electronic cigarettes have far fewer chemicals than tobacco smokes, which can have over 4000. Some of the chemicals contained within tobacco cigarettes are highly toxic and dangerous to human health - and many of them are not even by-products of tobacco burning, but are instead chemical additives mixed in by manufacturers looking to hook users on their cigarette brands.


Whether e cig health risks are real or not is an ongoing argument still open to discussion. As of now, only very little scientific evidence is available to verify the conclusions on either side of the coin. What this means for you, as a potential e-smoker, is that the decision to smoke or not to smoke electronic cigarettes is largely your responsibility. As of now, there are no laws banning the use of electronic cigarettes in the UK, and they can be purchased by anyone over the age of 18 - even in popular bars and pubs. E cigs will likely continue to remain legal, and they will probably only be banned if credited scientific evidence arises which validates the possibility that they could be dangerous to your health. As of now, smokers will continue to see them as an effective and safe alternative to the smoking of tobacco cigarettes.