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It's been a year this month since my Vapestick and I became great friends! We go everywhere together and my XL has been there...... Rachel Mayhew, June 2013
It is thanks to Vapestick that my Husband has been tobacco free for 112 days. THANK YOU xxxxx... Claire Naylor Callister Merritt , November 2014
I have enjoyed Vapestick very much and it has helped me kick the cigarette habit. Thank you... Iain Norris, September 2013
Loving the Vapestick, it's amazing how after years of trying to stop smoking I can now give up but still physically 'smoke'!! You...... karl evans, January 2013
Today is mine and hubby's 1 year vapestick anniversary......a whole year smoke free...and all thanks to you guys....will...... Hannah Jarram, October 2013
Can I just say your product is BLOODY amazing!! Been smoking 22 years and not had a cigarette for nearly a month since using...... Neil Hartley, Nov 2013
i just want to say a massive thankyou to the vapestick team. your customer service is the best i have recieved from anywhere,...... dave jones, July 12
I recently went out with my friends and two of which were using VAPESTICK, i have been wanting to quit smoking for a while...... Leigh Sully, Jan 2013
It will be 2 years next February since I stopped smoking, a big big thank you Vapestick for helping me quit ... Talullah May, November 2014
e-cigs are the best thing I've ever bought after the aggravation of patches and inhalators. I would continue smoking if it...... Stephen 'Bass Cannon' Belshaw , Feb 13