Top 10 Reasons to Buy Electric Cigarettes from VAPESTICK Instead of Tobacco

Electric cigarettes are to the world of smoking what green energy is to the world of electricity. They are a better, smarter alternative that does not pollute the air with toxic smoke. Every tobacco user in the UK should make the effort, at least once, to buy electric cigarettes instead of tobacco.

Thanks to a booming business, e-cigarette products are now available just about everywhere. You can find them:

  • at chemists and corner shops
  • at local pubs and bars
  • at department stores
  • an vaping shops and lounges
  • at supermarkets
  • online.

Vaping offers so many advantages over smoking that it is hard to believe there are still millions of tobacco users who have not made the switch. If you are one of them, here are the top 10 reasons to buy electric cigarettes instead of tobacco:

Vapestick Advantages

10. Fire Hazard

Careless cigarette smoking is the leading cause of accidental house fires resulting in fatalities.1 Electric cigarettes eliminate the fire hazard of tobacco by not involving the combustion process. There are no burning embers or ash.

9. Less Litter

Major cities like London have, in the past, launched 'major efforts' to try to reduce cigarette litter. They have had limited success. Electric cigarettes produce less litter and no used cigarette butts that can harm children or animals.

No More

8. Safer Driving

It can be dangerous to try using tobacco cigarettes when you are driving considering that you have to pull one from the pack and light it. The e-cigarette slips easily into your pocket and from pocket to mouth with very little distraction. It is safer to drive with e-cigarettes.

7. No Flame

Because electric cigarettes do not involve combustion, there is no flame to worry about either. No more burning your fingers on windy days or having to worry about cigarette lighters.

Smoking Facts

6. No Smokers Face

There are generally two ways you can identify a smoker when he or she first walks into a room. One of them is the dreaded 'smokers face' - a look that includes pale skin and sunken eyes. The chemicals in tobacco smoke cause smokers face. It virtually disappears when you switch to vaping.

5. Increased Productivity

The UK smoking ban results in untold numbers of smokers leaving their workstations throughout the day to go outside for a smoke. Companies that allow vaping indoors realise increased productivity because of it.

4. No Secondary Smoke

Secondary smoke is a thing of the past with the electric cigarette. No combustion means no smoke - for the smoker and those around them. Secondary vapour is proving to be nothing to worry about either.

Remember these

3. Financial Savings

The average 20-a-day smoker who uses the electric cigarette as a full-time substitute can save as much as 70% depending on the brand he or she chooses.

2. Smoking Odours and Stains

Tired of smelling like a used ashtray and looking like you have jaundice? Good news: electric cigarettes eliminate smoking odours and the yellowing stains from tar. No one will ever know you vape!.

1. No more Chemicals

The biggest difference between electric cigarettes and tobacco can be summed up in one word: chemicals. There are thousands of chemicals and carcinogens in tobacco smoke, all responsible for almost every tobacco related illness. E-cigarettes eliminate tobacco smoke - period.

VAPESTICK is one of the leading brands in the UK offering both rechargeable and disposable e-cigs. We take pride in our quality, pricing, and customer service, knowing that when our customers are satisfied we are succeeding. We encourage you to look at VAPESTICK if you are still a tobacco user.

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