It's all about Socks-Appeal!
Socks and sandals, pheromone dating parties, 'Voga' and hybrid food were today hailed as the coolest new trends of 2014, while selfies, hot yoga, the 5:2 diet and app dating are all going down in the style stakes. The VAPESTICK Cool Report found that Brits are increasingly looking to street styles and sub-cultures to dictate their own trends, rather than follow the opinion formers of the past.

Top 10 'Cool' trends of 2014

Top 10 'Not Cool' trends of 2014







Socks and Sandals

Platform heels

Hybrid Food

Bum Bags

Lupita Nyong'o



Miley Cyrus

Life Drawing Classes

Hot Yoga

Pheremone Parties

5:2 Diet

Unknown Festival

Hideout Festival














As VAPESTICK is the e-cigarette brand rooted in lifestyle and fashion, we asked 3,000 Brits aged 25 -30, to rank recent trends spanning fashion, lifestyle, celebrity, music and food, as either 'cool' or 'not cool'.

A surprising 68% of those polled voted 'Selfies' (loved by celebs the world over), the smartphone-dating craze and Tinder (74%), as 'not cool'. Instead, life drawing classes and pheromone parties, (the latest LA dating craze where people pick out a partner based on their natural smell), are considered cool by over three quarters of twenty- something Brits.

When it comes to fashion, 73% of those polled think Birkenstocks, and the socks-paired-with-sandals trend (64%) are two of the coolest looks for 2014. Whereas dungarees and bum bags, despite recent appearances on the runway at London Fashion Week, are trends to leave at the back of the wardrobe in 2014 according to the poll, with over 87% of people voting these as being 'not cool'.

The research also found that the 'Kale phenomenon' is well and truly over in the eyes of the public, as is the restrictive 5:2 diet. In its place is a celebration of food with hybrid foods such as ramen burgers, and baking, both hailed as cool by over 70% of those in their twenties.

And it's not just food we're apparently looking to have fun with. When it come to fitness, the gruelling 'hot yoga' trend as loved by celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, scored low on the cool barometer and has now been replaced with 'Voga', which has been deemed as cool by 86% of those asked. This brand new subculture of fitness is a cross between yoga and voguing - the 1980's New York drag scene dance craze - and encourages people to inject more enjoyment into their fitness regime.

The Mail Online has already reported on the surprising findings of the VAPESTICK Cool Report, and it will no doubt encourage further debates around the UK in the coming days.

Michael Clapper, co-founder at VAPESTICK commented, "What's really interesting is that historically trends have been established by celebrities, high fashion and opinion formers and then trickled down into the mainstream. However today it seems street style and subcultures are dictating the trends, which are now filtering upwards. Vaping is becoming increasingly popular, with the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and other A-list stars now following in the footsteps of the early adopters and dedicated vapers."

"The Vapestick Cool Report has proven that power really lies with everyday people, and today's twenty-somethings aren't waiting around to be told what's cool and what's not, they're establishing that for themselves."