The last few weeks have seen an onslaught of e-cigarette news covering nearly every aspect of vaping. We have seen several new studies released, a number of government initiatives coming from both Malaysia and the US, and even some encouraging pieces that provide a glimmer of hope for a proportionate regulatory future. However, this week is a new week. To get things started for a new round of blog posts, we want to talk about why people choose to vape. Why is it people have taken the decision to make the switch from tobacco smoking to vaping? In thinking this subject through, we are minded of the adopters of e-cigarettes, who proudly stated, 'yes I vape, and here's why."

We will start with the facts. Every year Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) conducts a survey to determine the current climate of e-cigarettes and vaping in the UK. It publishes the reports on their website if you are interested in reading them through for yourself. If you do, you will find that the top three reasons for switching from smoking to vaping are:

  1. A desire to quit smoking entirely.
  2. A desire to quit smoking after failing with another quit method.
  3. A desire to reduce tobacco consumption but without completely quitting smoking.

ASH has been conducting these surveys for several years now, and the top three reasons for making the switch have always remained consistent. It is clear that people are choosing to vape out of a desire to replace their tobacco or at least cut down on the amount they use. With that said, let us get to some of the more practical reasons why people are saying 'Yes I vape."

Reasons for Vaping

There are a myriad of practical reasons why people switch from tobacco to e-cigarettes. Here are the three that are most frequently mentioned by vapers on the online forms:

  1. Nicotine Intake - The electronic cigarette enables a smoker to control his/her own nicotine intake by using a device that seems very natural. Unlike gum and patches, the e-cigarette user can get his/her nicotine when he/she wants, in the amount he/she wants.
  1. Vaping Experience - The vaping experience is one that closely simulates the smoking experience, with the one major difference that there is no combustion (or smoke) involved. Replicating the smoking experience makes it easier for vapers to switch when compared to nicotine replacement (NRT) products that are just incapable of replicating the act of smoking.
  1. Increasing Tobacco Costs - Tobacco prices across the world are increasing to the point of almost being out of reach for many. A 20-a-day smoker in the UK, for example, could end up spending more than 10% of his/her annual income on tobacco cigarettes. E-cigarettes can save smokers as much as 70% over the cost of their tobacco, unless using only disposable e-cigs, where the savings would be closer to 40%.

Are you able to say, 'Yes I vape," when asked the question? If not, isn't it time you found out why so many millions of other smokers around the world can do so proudly? We urge you to at least give vaping a try, as either a supplement or replacement of your current smoking habit. VAPESTICK e-cigarettes provide a unique experience that can satisfy almost any vaper.