Why do manufacturers make flavoured liquid for e-cigs? If you believe the sceptics, it is for the purpose of luring non-smoking children into a tobacco habit. Those who spout such nonsense are convinced that e-liquid manufacturers are making flavours such as bubble-gum, cherry, candyfloss or chocolate specifically to appeal to youth. The argument only sounds remotely plausible to those who ignore the existence of different flavours among so many other consumer products.

At any rate, a brand-new study published by the Oxford Journals exposes this argument for the farce that it really is. Researchers blind-queried 216 non-smoking teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17 and 432 adult smokers between the ages of 19 and 80. Each of the participants was asked to rate his or her interest in various e-cigarette flavours.

Teens rated 'malt scotch' as their most preferred flavour among the choices - and adults ranked it as their least preferable. On a scale of 1 to 10, teens gave the following scores:

  • malt scotch - 0.52
  • bubble-gum - 0.47
  • candyfloss - 0.49
  • gummy bear - 0.44

We must reiterate that the scores were based on a scale of 1 to 10. That means each of the most popular flavours listed above received a grade of less than 1 from the surveyed teens. Yes, less than 1 out of 10. It doesn't seem likely, based on these scores, that any significant number of teenagers would be tempted to undertake vaping just because of the availability of various flavoured liquid for e-cigs. If anything, they would be most tempted by malt scotch, which is of course a flavour they shouldn't be too familiar with in the first place!

What Is the Point?

This latest round of evidence just further supports the assertion among e-cigarette companies that we are not producing flavoured liquids in order to try and target children. Even if we wanted to introduce children to vaping - which we categorically do not, by the way - we would certainly not want them to then graduate to tobacco and leave our products behind. It just makes no sense.

So what is the point of flavoured liquid for e-cigs? It's about consumer demand among adult smokers and former smokers. As we have pointed out many times in the past, it is very common among those who vape to gradually lose their acquired taste for tobacco and menthol flavours. Many switch to other flavours because they no longer appreciate the old taste they had simply become accustomed to. When their taste buds start to recover, vapers look for more pleasant-tasting ways to enjoy the experience and receive their nicotine.

In addition, we pointed out in a recent blog post how nicotine can often interfere with the taste of e-liquids. There are some vapers who gradually wean themselves of nicotine in order to enjoy only the full flavour of the e-liquid they have chosen, without nicotine interfering with the taste.

We offer flavoured liquid for e-cigs (V-Liquids) because our adult customers want them. It is no different from alcohol manufacturers creating different flavours of wine coolers, beers, and other products. They are not targeting children and neither are we. Adults also like the taste of strawberry, apple and caramel, which might surprise some people.

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