VAPESTICK is happy to report that lawmakers in Canada have recently been doing some positive electronic cigarette work. Making the news even more positive is a recent Canadian committee report on e-cigarette regulation that received unanimous support across all party lines. It seems lawmakers in the EU could learn a lesson or two from their Canadian counterparts.

The Canadian House of Commons Health Committee just released their report on electronic cigarette regulation. The report calls for, among other things, basic regulations that include a requirement for vaping devices to look demonstrably different from traditional tobacco cigarettes. Less positively though, the report also calls for advertising restrictions and a ban on public use.

Whilst we do not agree with the latter two recommendations, we do agree with the principle of basic regulation to bring a level of standardisation to the industry. We also wholeheartedly agree with the committee's stated position, that any introduced regulations should not discourage adult smokers from using vaping products in place of their tobacco.

MP Ben Lobb of the Canadian Conservative Party told the National Post that banning e-cigarettes is no longer an option. Being that e-cigs are already here and are widely used, trying to enact a ban would be largely fruitless. He went on to talk about the harm reduction benefits of vaping as a smoking substitute.

'Most of the experts concluded that e-cigarettes are better for your health than tobacco cigarettes," he said. 'If we're looking at reducing harm to Canadians, that's a good starting point."

We admit to being quite surprised by this development, given that Canada has previously never been especially welcoming to e-cigarettes and vaping. However, we are delighted to learn that rational thinking and level heads are starting to prevail over there. We sincerely hope that any regulations coming to Canada will be reasonable enough to provide standardisation, without interfering with wide accessibility of e-cigarettes for adult smokers.

They Are Here...

Our favourite quote from Lobb to the National Post is, 'The idea of a ban is not really an option at all. They're here." We could not agree more. E-cigarettes are here to stay, as an alternative tobacco product in Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, and so many other places around the world. We commend Canada's House of Commons for recognising that reality and considering it within their recent electronic cigarette work.

We steadfastly stand by our position that the electronic cigarette is a ground breaking tobacco alternative. In terms of harm reduction, electronic cigarettes provide a satisfactory experience without exposing smokers (or bystanders) to the known chemicals and carcinogens produced by the combustion process found in smoking.

If you are still a tobacco smoker then you have choices; to either continue using tobacco, or to make the switch to vaping (that utilises neither tobacco nor combustion), or to quit smoking altogether (by either cold turkey or using approved NRTs). If the idea of vaping appeals, then switching to a VAPESTICK product would be a sound choice for continuing your nicotine habit, without the negative consequences of tobacco smoking.