What's that argument we're always hearing regarding electronic cigarettes and smoking cessation? That there's no proof they can help people to quit. Well, that that may or may not be true where you live, but it seems it is certainly not true if you live in France. A new report, recently released by the National Institute of Prevention and Education for Health estimates that some 400,000 French smokers have successfully used electronic cigarettes to help quit smoking.

The study is quick to point out that some of the 400,000 may have only quit temporarily, but because we don't yet know, that point is largely irrelevant in this context. The fact remains that e-cigs do appear to be helping a large number of people who have chosen to use them for that purpose. The growing evidence makes it harder and harder for e-cig critics to continue repeating that now-tired old line that 'we just don't yet know enough about e-cigarettes to make any policy decisions".

The French report revealed some other data worthy of note:

  • Approximately 69% of vapers say they want to quit smoking, as opposed to 54% of tobacco users.
  • Approximately 75% of the electronic cigarette users began vaping in order to save money.
  • The average e-cigarette user immediately decreases their tobacco consumption by 8 to 9 cigarettes per day when first starting to vape.
  • The number of smokers in France equals about 34% of the population; little progress had been made there before the emergence of e-cigarettes.

Those of us in the e-cigarette industry are not at all surprised by the findings of the French report. Virtually all of positive things the researchers presented are things we have already believed for years. This new report merely adds further evidence to support the use of electronic cigarettes to help quit smoking and/or provide a harm reduction alternative to those who don't want to stop.

Others, Pay Attention!

VAPESTICK urges UK and European lawmakers to pay attention to the French report. While they are doing so, they may also want to take some time to study the numerous reports that came out of New Zealand and the United States in 2014. And, for good measure, the last 4 annual e-cigarette reports in a row from Action on Smoking and Health also bring a wealth of positive information.

The e-cigarette revolution is not some accident, or a product of circumstance. It is a direct result of the e-cigarette industry bringing to market a product that current and former smokers are choosing, by the millions, to either reduce or replace their tobacco consumption. The facts can no longer be denied by anyone willing to approach this issue with intellectual honesty.

At VAPESTICK, we cannot (and do not) state that smokers can or should use electronic cigarettes to quit smoking. However, we can of course point to whatever e-cig reports and studies are saying, and we can also encourage you to try out vaping as a tobacco alternative. What you do from there, in terms of the amount of tobacco you do (or do not) consume, is entirely up to you of course. We offer disposable, rechargeable and refillable e-cigarettes, along with competitively priced refills, e-liquids, accessories, as well as a delivery subscription service for your maximum convenience.