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E-Cigarette Smoke and Mirrors - Harks Back to Big Tobacco Days

Many of our readers will be old enough to remember when Big Tobacco was taken to task in the 1980's for its deceptive advertising practices.

EU Lawmakers: Lessons From Electronic Cigarette Work In Canada

VAPESTICK is happy to report that lawmakers in Canada have recently been doing some positive electronic cigarette work.

Electric Cigarettes to Quit Smoking? Another Positive Study

Should you use electric cigarettes to quit smoking? We cannot and will not suggest you should, but studies about the subject continue to come in thick and fast.

400,000 French Use Electronic Cigarettes to Help Quit Smoking

What's that argument we're always hearing regarding electronic cigarettes and smoking cessation? That there's no proof they can help people to quit.

Expert: Electronic Cigarettes Healthier Than Tobacco

Companies like VAPESTICK don't need to make claims that electronic cigarettes are healthier than combustible tobacco, given that the scientific community is frequently making the case for us anyway.

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Yes I Vape, and Here's Why

The last few weeks have seen an onslaught of e-cigarette news covering nearly every aspect of vaping.

Cigarette/E-Cigarette Study Exposes Position of California and Others

What happens when legitimate, scientific cigarette/e-cigarette studies are held up in comparison to junk science?

Study's Author: Electronic Cigarette Hazards Mischaracterised

Last week we presented information that clearly refuted the conclusions of a study that suggested levels of formaldehyde made e-cigarettes more dangerous than combustible tobacco.

Data Suggests Champix Is Not The Safest Cigarette Alternative

When Pfizer first introduced Chantix in 2006, it was hailed as a revolutionary smoking cessation drug that could help smokers quit tobacco within 12 weeks.

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Study: Flavoured Liquid for E-Cigs Does NOT Appeal to Teens

Why do manufacturers make flavoured liquid for e-cigs? If you believe the sceptics, it is for the purpose of luring non-smoking children into a tobacco habit.