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The VAPESTICK® range of high quality electronic cigarettes is the modern and stylish alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

They deliver a very similar sensation to tobacco cigarettes, but instead of harmful tobacco smoke, VAPESTICK® electronic cigarettes produce a water-based vapour that can come with, or without, nicotine. You get the same physical and visual cues as with tobacco smoking, but electronic cigarettes have no tar, no carbon monoxide, no ammonia, no foul smells, no ash and pose no second-hand smoke dangers.

Unlike tobacco cigarettes, it is legal to use an electronic cigarette almost anywhere that the individual company or property permits it; restaurants, nightclubs, cinema, pubs, offices, trains, some planes, concerts, casinos... almost anywhere!

With all these advantages, plus the fact that using an electronic cigarette costs just a fraction compared to smoking tobacco cigarettes, it is not hard to see why they have fast become such a global phenomenon, with literally millions of smokers around the world already switching to these less expensive and far less harmful tobacco alternatives.

The act of using any electronic cigarette has become known as 'vaping'. Vaping is the new smoking and VAPESTICK® e-cigarettes are the ultimate way to vape! Constructed using the latest technologies, the highest quality components and e-liquids, and all delivered at affordable prices, our electronic cigarettes have set a new benchmark in the world of vaping.

Whether you are looking for style or function, rechargeable starter kits, refillable vaporiser devices or all kinds of disposables, our top quality e-cigarette range is sure to cover all your vaping needs.

Our signature blue LED at the tip of every VAPESTICK® electronic cigarette lets the world know instantly that you have chosen to vape, not smoke, with a VAPESTICK®.

You can always be assured of quality and value when purchasing any electronic cigarette from VAPESTICK®. We are founding board members of ECITA – Europe’s Trade Association for the Electronic Cigarettes Industry. As such, we must always adhere to strict guidelines on e-cigarette testing and safety, as well as all promotions and packaging.

Our products are also covered by comprehensive Product Liability Insurance.

For added vaping convenience, we offer a range of stylish and functional e-cigarette accessories, such as our tactile V Charger Cases, MAX stands and lanyards, a swift delivery service, a 30 days 'no-hassle' returns policy, worldwide shipping, all backed-up by a highly experienced and reputable Customer Care Team who are always at the end of a phone (or email) during office hours.

We also offer a no-obligation deliveries subscription service, so your favourite refills or disposable e-cigarettes can be delivered to your doorstep as regularly as you prefer, ensuring that you never run out of vaping supplies. And, while you choose to remain a deliveries subscriber, you also qualify for 20% discount from our normal pricing, with every one of your repeat orders.

As well as our online store on this site, you can also purchase VAPESTICK® products at thousands of UK stores, including Harrods, Costco, TESCO, Shell, Bargain Booze, Wine Rack, Budgens, Londis, as well in many Pubs, Clubs, Off-licenses, Newsagents and Chemists.

If you, like so many smokers, have been longing for a credible alternative to smoking cigarettes, and one you can also be proud to use when out and about, then you have finally found it…welcome to the world of VAPESTICK® electronic cigarettes!

This website has been designed to give you all the information you could ever need about electronic cigarettes in general, and of course about the full VAPESTICK® range of e-cigarette products and accessories. You will often find special offers, daily blog posts, information articles, product reviews, genuine customer testimonials, a cost-savings calculator, a nicotine strength-identifier and a whole lot more. We do hope you enjoy the VAPESTICK® online shopping experience!

Is it time to change your life for the better today?

Top Rated Products

(DOUBLE) XL Starter Kit - Charger Case Edition
£24.99 Star RatingsStar RatingsStar RatingsStar RatingsStar Ratings
XL Kit Contents and Accessories

Full XL Starter Kit...with Charger... 

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(DOUBLE) MAX E-Cigarette Kit - Cartomiser Edition
£29.99 Star RatingsStar RatingsStar RatingsStar RatingsStar Ratings
MAX Starter Kit & Accessories

Full MAX Kit (Cartomiser Edition) FREE lanyard!


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VIGAR Disposable E-Cigar
£12.79 Star RatingsStar RatingsStar RatingsStar RatingsStar Ratings
Vigar E-Cigar

1800 PUFFS - Electric Cigar!

For cigar and e-cig... 

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VAPESTICK V2 Disposable
£2.99 Star RatingsStar RatingsStar RatingsStar RatingsStar Ratings
V2 disposable e-cig



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VAPESTICK (Pre-filled) Cartomisers
£7.99 Star RatingsStar RatingsStar RatingsStar RatingsStar Ratings
Cartomiser boxes in black


VAPESTICK Cartomisers... 

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£4.99 Star RatingsStar RatingsStar RatingsStar RatingsStar Ratings

ALL-NEW! V-Liquids!

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(3-pack) V3 (Soft-Tip) Disposable E-Cigs
£9.99 Star RatingsStar RatingsStar RatingsStar RatingsStar Ratings
V3 e-cigarette

3x ALL-NEW Soft-Tip Disposables!

The latest addition to our... 

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How do VAPESTICK Electronic Cigarettes work?


Expert: Electronic Cigarettes Healthier Than Tobacco

Companies like VAPESTICK don’t need to make claims that electronic cigarettes are healthier than... 

Yes I Vape, and Here's Why

The last few weeks have seen an onslaught of e-cigarette news covering nearly every aspect of... 

Cigarette/E-Cigarette Study Exposes Position of California... 

What happens when legitimate, scientific cigarette/e-cigarette studies are held up in comparison to... 

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VAPESTICK VideosYoutube Icon


This our 2nd video in the new 'VAPESTICK Tips' series and it shows the different types of refills that can all be used with your VAPESTICK MAX Battery.

VAPESTICK MAX batteries are included with many of our Starter Kits, including; the MAX Clearomiser Kit, AVS (Advanced Vaping System) Starter Kit, as well as our MAX Cartomiser Kits.

VAPESTICK Tips: Lock/unlock your MAX Battery
VAPESTICK Tips: Lock/unlock your MAX Battery

Welcome to the first video in our 'VAPESTICK Tips' series, this time demonstrating how to lock and unlock you MAX Battery.

VAPESTICK MAX batteries are included with many of our Starter Kits, including; the MAX Clearomiser Starter Kit, AVS (Advanced Vaping System) Starter Kit, as well as our MAX Cartomiser Kits.

VAPESTICK at Clothes Show Live!
VAPESTICK at Clothes Show Live!

The final stop for the VAPESTICK Style Icon UK Tour was the 'Clothes Show LIVE 2014' at the Birmingham NEC!

VAPESTICK 'Destination Stores'
VAPESTICK 'Destination Stores'

VAPESTICK is now roilling out a 'Destination Store' initiative for retailers across the UK - from vaping shops to convenience stores - take a look!

NEW! AVS - Advanced Vaping System
NEW! AVS - Advanced Vaping System

Our all-new AVS and V-Tank refills are now available from Tesco Pharmacies and Tesco Express stores around the UK! Find out more about this ground-breaking product in this short video

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The cartomisers are fab!!! Just received them. The 1st cartomiser lasted me a day before tasting like it had run...  Rachel Martin - Feb 13
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Have smoked for 30 years……have already (after 1 week) cut down by half……….AMAZING...  Vanessa Thaxter - May 20111
Hi, I called yesterday (Monday 12th Nov '13), to chase up a replacement battery which hadn't arrived. I spoke with a...  Louis Jalaba - November 13th '13
Thank you very much for your help today with an order. It is right that Vapesticks should be freely available...  Lyn Dall - March 2012
i ordered my vapestick kit and e-cigar at night online on thursday 14th November, and to my surprise and delight the...  Colin Pearson - 16th November 2013
Congratulations in the sale of Vapestick! (She says hoping that nothing will change). Superb product, great design,...  Jan Jeffrey - Jan 2014
Pretty impressed with this vapestick, not felt like one cig since receiving it! Just hope it makes me stop all...  Matthew Robinson - Feb 2012
ive just recieved my order of a single XL starter kit and im letting you guys know its a fantastic product, ive been...  Jason Medina - April 2014
I have tried patches to pills and never managed to successfully kick the habit. Since discovering Vapesticks XL I...  Matthew Hearne - Mar 2013
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