E vapor cigarettes are used all over the UK these days. However, they are still somewhat rare and not everyone has even seen one before. This sometimes raises concerns about e vapor cigarettes, as the general public is largely unaware of the benefits these devices offer. Some people are concerned that e vapor cigarettes could be dangerous for your health, while others promote e vapor cigarettes as a safe alternative to smoking. What is the truth? Can the e cigarette be used by a smoker looking to try something different?

The basic idea

E vapor cigarettes work in a very similar way to tobacco cigarettes. They provide the same thin, long, cylinder shaped object, with a mouth-piece and an LED light that glows in mimicry of a tobacco cigarette being burned. E vapor cigarettes also provide the user with a realistic nicotine uptake mechanism that works almost identically to a tobacco cigarette. Basically, you inhale through the mouth piece and you get a flow of nicotine vapour pouring through into your mouth. You can then keep the vapour in your mouth or inhale it deep into your lungs, just like you would with a cigarette. When you exhale, the vapour is released in small wisps and curls, resembling real smoke to a startling degree. However, e cigarettes do not release real smoke and the vapour they release is basically a mixture of water and nicotine.

Man playing pool with his e cigarette from Vapestick with the vapour coming out like smoke

Health benefits

The potential health benefits of electronic cigarettes are numerous. E vapor cigarettes are much safer than tobacco cigarettes. The e-liquid contained in the refill cartridges does not have the same chemicals as found in tobacco cigarettes. Although e vapor cigarettes have nicotine, they are much safer than tobacco cigarettes. There is no doubt that the prolonged use of e cigarettes as an alternative will lower the risks of getting any of the health problems typically related to tobacco cigarettes.

Financial benefits

E vapor cigarettes typically use e-liquid refill cartridges. When the cartridge runs out, it can either be refilled or replaced. Refills and replacement cartridges are remarkably cheap, and there are plenty of flavours at your disposition. You can buy an refill cartridge for as little as 80 pence at some on-line stores, and one cartridge can often last as long as a full pack of tobacco smokes. As you might have recognised, electronic cigarette smoking is not only safer than tobacco cigarette smoking - it is far cheaper as well.

Other benefits

Another great thing about e vapor cigarettes is that they can be smoked in any indoor public place, unless their use is directly forbidden by an individual establishment or business. That's right - you can smoke your e cigarette inside your favourite bar and even in restaurants. At this point there are no effective bans in place on the use of electronic cigarettes in public places, so you can feel free to enjoy them wherever you please.


E vapor cigarettes are quite advantageous to people trying to find alternatives to tobacco smoking. You should definitely consider them if you are tired of spending large amounts of money annually on cigarettes that are very bad for your health. E vapor cigarettes are not only cheaper, but they are clearly far safer as well.