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It is thanks to Vapestick that my Husband has been tobacco free for 112 days. THANK YOU xxxxx... Claire Naylor Callister Merritt , November 2014
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Still on the wagon. 15 days, no fags. Just been followed by @ELitesUK but they're too late. I belong to @vapestick already! #stoptober... @somewitty1, October 12
I've just received my vapestick and it's amazing!! I love that I can now smoke anywhere again :))). ... Sue Harding, January 2012
I'm still not, nor do I feel will ever be smoking :-) never felt healthier or full of energy . Thank you Vapestick .... Alexander Green, Oct 2011
I love the menthol! i got the xl in black on saturday went and got the wife the white classic today, we have had 1 pack of...... Daveey Minty Mascall, May 2011
Iv smoked for 22yrs and Not had a fag for 8 days now, love my vapestick! I'll never smoke again, unbelievable, so easy to...... Charyle McAuley , May 2012
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Max cartomiser is awesome. Great flavour and great vapour. Vapestick & cartomisers are going to storm this year. Well...... Stuart Cook, Jan 2013
Hi there, Just wanted to give you my testimonial / review of the Vapestick Max and my Vapestick experience in general: My...... Chris Freeman, May 2nd 2012