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Its amazing, its the way forward! Two glasses of expensive white wine tonight..first in 4 weeks and STILL NO CIGARETTE thanks...... Sophie Clare, Feb 2012
Ordered my Max and received in less than 24 hrs. Brilliant.Loaded the clearomiser vaping away and well impressed on vapour...... peter kitching, Jun 2014
Recently given up the tobacco because of VAPESTICK! Couldn't have done it without my trusty new XL! LOVE IT!... Katie Stargatt, Feb 2014
Vpaestick is a great product - helped me give up haven't look back thx... Kevin Adger, November 2014
The product is fantastic . After smoking for 30 years, I have no desire to ever smoke again! Just as importantly, Lorna and...... MARK FORD, Aug 2013
@VAPESTICK 4 weeks since I stopped smoking. You've been a lifesaver #vapestickrules... Michelle (@wizpug), Mar 2013
This feedback comes from 2 happy users in the Netherlands. We're happy with the quality. Vaping made us completely stop smoking....... Robert Heertjes, Jan 2014
I have today purchased a classic model pack. I have smoked Benson & Hedges for 40 years, 20 a day. Always the fear of...... Arthur Thomas, April 2012
Your Vapestick is fantastic. No fags for 4 days now. Thankyou xx... Jean Atkinson, Jan 13
Been on e-cigarettes since June 2012 after smoking 30-40 ciggies a day. Had been using a competitors e-cigs until Dec 2012...... ANDREW PROSSER, Jan 2013