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I haven't smoked a real cigarette since I tried my first e-cig, after smoking between 20-30 a day for nearly two decades!!!......... Ayman Azmy, May 2012
Love ur Product, i've got the xl model. Gotta say i've smoked for years n not looked back, enjoy it loads more than...... Mark Pooler, Mar 2013
I'm two weeks in to the vapestick experience and got to say I'm loving it. No smell, no butts, no trying to find a lighter...... Martin Atherton, Aug 2012
i tried quitting last year with a more expensive, and frankly rubbish, e cigarette. i lasted 2 months and started smoking...... sam meehan, Jul 2012
Thank you, I'm free from real cigs. Tried them again a couple of times and really hate them now. Love the vapestick, even...... Emma Horsey, Jan 2013
I am advising you that i will soon be cancelling my monthly Vapestick subscription due to doing so well on the giving up...... Angela Darling, October 2013
I love the menthol! i got the xl in black on saturday went and got the wife the white classic today, we have had 1 pack of...... Daveey Minty Mascall, May 2011
Was a 50 a day smoker but since starting on the Max I have stopped with the minimal of effort Thanks Vapestick for changing...... Michael Rogers, Sep 2014
Excellent service and delivery. Very friendly customer service. I am very impressed. I order bulk for two friends, and they...... Clare Nasir, Dec 2011
@VAPESTICK Great product and great customer service. Thanks again... Andy Marshall, April 2013