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i have been on vapestick 7wks now and still going strong not a craving in sight, the best thing i have ever done xxx... Victoria Wilton, July 13
After smoking for almost 35 I have been off the dreaded weed for nearly a month and feel absolutely brilliant. Do not want...... colette ward, Jun 2012
I reluctantly quit smoking 20 a day back in 1975, but have always since had the temptation to start again…. I hear...... Ray, Nov 2010
Really impressed with the cartomisers ...seem to really stop my craving for a ciggie.... Jan Colley, Jan 2013
Back on my @VAPESTICK electronic cigarette - amazing how I don't need or want a real cigarette - the best I have...... David Sholtz, Dec 12
tried your cartomisers today for my vapestick classic..sooo much better than atomiser and cartridge! #goodjob!... @shell1404, Mar 2013
Just got my Vapestick and very pleased. the best thing of all is the taste!! Thank you VAPESTICK!! You have created...... Roger Michael, Mar 2013
i tried quitting last year with a more expensive, and frankly rubbish, e cigarette. i lasted 2 months and started smoking...... sam meehan, Jul 2012
my vapestick and i have a great bond.i love it, its always there for me when i need it. i couldnt ask more its fab!... Faye Murray , June 2013
I have been using my vapestick XL for a month now and have not even been tempted at a real cigarette, it is amazing, the...... JAMES HERBERT, Nov 2012