It’s All In the E-Liquid


The original introduction of e-cigs UK was about eight years ago, and they remained relatively low profile until around 2 years ago.  Since then their popularity has soared, with estimates now suggesting some 2 million people in the UK have at least tried them, while 650,000 people are now regularly using them. Whilst falling under Trading Standards regulations, electronic cigarettes have otherwise faced no other governmental regulation in the UK to date.

The Mail Online published a story on August 5, 2012 suggesting that the UK’s Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) may move to begin regulating e-cigs from next spring. That in itself is not news at all, as the MHRA publicly stated their intention to make a decision about e-cigarettes “by Spring of 2013”, way back in March 2011! Here at Vapestick, we will support (and comply with) whatever decision is made regarding our industry’s future and regulation. We do believe that an increased degree of permissive regulation would help to filter out many of the poorly constructed and cheaply made products, and ensure only the best e-cigs remain on the shelves.

As a founding board member of ECITA (Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association), VAPESTICK has been a part of a regular dialogue with the MHRA over the past few years, adding our views to their considerations about the most appropriate regulatory framework for e-cigarettes.

The Mail Online story also quoted UK ministers who believe e-cigarettes pose a potential hazard to users. The Ministers in question (although they remain unnamed in the article) seemed to be recycling claims made by the FDA (in the USA) way back in 2009; claims that have since been entirely refuted (many times) in the years since. The motivation behind the article has led to much speculation, given some of the blatant inaccuracies and untruths quoted.

But putting that speculation aside, if e-cigarettes did pose any danger to users, it could only come from poor e-liquid, rather than from the device itself. The e-cig device is nothing more than a miniature atomiser, no different than the atomisers used in medical vaporisers and theatrical fog machines.

Where You Buy, for Peace of Mind

In order to ensure you’re getting a safe and high quality e-liquid you need only purchase from a company like VAPESTICK. Why us?  Because we are a founding board member of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association – a trade organisation which sets the standards for electronic cigarettes and e-liquid content in the UK.  It sets rigorous standards which have to be met regularly by each of its current 18 members.

All e-cig brands that are members of ECITA must submit samples of their cartridges and e-liquids on a regular basis for independent UK lab testing. These tests confirm the ingredients of each e-liquid, as well as that it is free from any contaminants. You can therefore be rest assured that the e-liquid coming from an ECITA member company will not contain anything unexpected, that might be hazardous to your health.

Of course, buying any e-cig product from an unknown manufacturer or distributor could become troublesome. But that’s true with any product in any industry. In every industry there are a handful of players that do not put customers’ interests before their own profit margins. That’s why organisations like ECITA exist. They exist to make sure that consumers always get quality e-cig products from it’s membership, that are both effective and safe.

If you’re an e-cig user purchasing your products from a company that doesn’t belong to ECITA, you might want to consider trying another brand. Here at VAPESTICK, we have everything you need to enjoy a top quality vaping experience. You can find all of our products on our website including disposable and rechargeable electronic cigarettes, cases, batteries, atomisers, and pre-filled e-liquid cartridges.

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