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@VAPESTICK is amazing. I was on 20 a day for over 20 years, switched over and not even wanted a normal fag.... Paula PAI, August 2013
Hi there Vapestick! I have been using your Vapestick Classic for about six months now and I really have to commend you for...... Beth Sandvig, Sept 2013
Dear Vapestick team, I wanted to message you to thank you for finally making a e-cig that can actually replicate the smoking...... Tom Evans, May 2014
Loving my @VAPESTICK no more standing out in the cold and rain to have a fag! #happydays... Kylie Fulcher, Mar 2013
My Vapestick is FAB !!!! I have a real busy job and it helps soooooooo much…no more popping out for loads of ciggies...... Vanessa Thaxter, July 2011
It's now 13 months since I have had.a Cigarette and that's after being a smoker for 43 years.i could not have done this without...... Pamela Leadbeatter, Apr 2014
since 1st August 2013 I have not had or even wanted I cigarette thanks to your Vapestick XL. Thank you for being there when...... leo southern, January 2014
I'm now classed as a NON SMOKER (so says the stop smoking lady) 6 months down the line, special thanks to @VAPESTICK .....#celebrations... @donna1404, June 2012
Hi Vapestick, Recently purchased my first vapestick max kit from you. Have been using it since last Friday with the original...... Sandra McCormack, March 2014
Meu primeiro dia sem fumo, passados 25 anos e sinto-me muito bem. Vou continuar para melhorar a minha qualidade de vida e...... Hugo Vitor, Feb 2014