BAT to Launch ‘Vype’ E-Cigs


News has broken this weekend about a move by British American Tobacco (BAT) to launch a new electronic cigarette brand across Europe called Vype E-Cigs. The launch will apparently be backed by a multi-million pound marketing campaign in the coming months.

To those who have been following e-cig news over the past year, this move will come as no great surprise, given that BAT acquired Manchester-based CN Creative – an electronic cigarettes company – late last year. Early reports suggest that Vype E-Cigs will be a re-brand of one of CN Creative’s existing products.

The use of the word ‘Vype’ is clearly a play on the words ‘hype’ and ‘vape’, and it will no doubt become a well-recognised e-cig brand in the coming months and years, particularly given the deep pockets of tobacco companies when it comes to big-budget marketing campaigns.  Although our very first reaction on hearing about the name ‘Vype’ was to recall that old school tune by controversial rap group Public Enemy, called “Don’t believe the Hype”! We’re pretty certain that wouldn’t be their ideal intention, but there you go…

Putting their choice of brand name to one side, this news should be seen as positive for vapers the world over, as it acts as yet another reminder to everyone that, one way or another, e-cigarettes are very much here to stay. As little as a year ago, there were still many people who thought e-cigs were just a passing fad and would never really take off. There’ll be very few people today who still believe that to be the case.

Tobacco companies have been seeing declining sales in their core tobacco business, and many investment analysts are saying that e-cigarettes are playing a rising part in that decline. One analyst, Bonnie Herzog of Wells Fargo Securities, has said she believes that “e-cigarettes sales will outstrip tobacco sales within the next decade”.  It’s hard to argue against. The tobacco companies have come to realise that the market is now shifting towards these healthier alternatives and they are now scrambling to secure their share of this ever-growing sector.

Lorillard, the US’s 3rd largest tobacco company, purchased Blu E-Cigs in June 2012 and has since been pushing that brand hard to the American market. Imperial Tobacco has recently launched a new division called ‘Fontem Ventures’, designed specifically to develop ‘non-tobacco initiatives’ including e-cigarettes. Altria, the owners of Marlboro (in the US), have stated their intention to launch an e-cigarette in the second half of 2013, and Reynolds American (the makers of Camel cigarettes), has already started trials of its own brand, called Vuse, in several US states.

So, as anyone can see, the e-cigarette market is really heating up now, to the point of vaporisation one might say!  As well as the new tobacco entrants, there are of course the established brands like VAPESTICK, who are firmly here to stay. As with tobacco products, there’s room in the e-cigarette market for a wide variety of brands, each appealing to different customers for different reasons. At VAPESTICK, we are the brand typically selected by those smokers looking for quality, taste, value and style, and we will continue to develop our range to ensure we remain the brand of choice for vapers in all these areas.

We offer disposable and rechargeable premium e-cigarettes, in a wide variety of flavours and nicotine strengths, as well as functional (and stylish) accessories. You can browse through all our products at our online store, or look for us in retailers like Tesco, Argos, Harrods, WH Smith (Travel), Costco, Makro, Londis, and thousands of other chemists, forecourts and newsagents, all across the UK.




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