It might take some time getting used to e cigs. Maybe you're not sure if they really are a safe alternative that you could use to effectively slow down your smoking addiction. There's a lot of marketing hype out there, with plenty of e cig manufacturers sharing the message that e cigs are the best thing around, but how do you know if there are any e cig side effects or dangerous health implications that could arise from smoking e cigarettes regularly? Naturally, you don't have all the answers, but, quite frankly, neither does the rest of the world.

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages

When pondering any e cig side effects, knowing what's inside your electronic cigarettes could help you come to a reasonable conclusion. Electronic cigarette e-liquid contains a mixture of nicotine, flavouring, and a food additive called Propylene Glycol. This means that if you were to experience any side effects from smoking e cigarettes, they would probably be related to nicotine itself and not anything else exclusive to electronic cigarettes. E cig side effects are not anything that you should be particularly worried about, especially when you think about them in comparison to tobacco cigarettes. The side effects of smoking tobacco cigarettes regularly are far more worrisome.

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Electronic cigarettes offer a far safer option. Not only that, but you can save quite a bit more money by switching over to e cigs. Stop worrying about e cig side effects, and instead think about the benefits. It's basically a lot safer to smoke an e cig than a tobacco cig, and this is commonly accepted knowledge. Also, if you would prefer not to get the side effects of nicotine, you could easily just purchase e cig cartridges that are nicotine-free. Not all e cigs have e cig side effects. E cigs can be smoked with no nicotine, just for the flavouring or the experience itself, meaning you don't have to worry about the nicotine affecting you in any way.

Finding good e cigs

If you know as much as you need to know about e cig side effects, then it's time to start shopping. Shopping for electronic cigarettes is now fairly easy in the UK, and basically all you need to do is go online to an e cigarette retailer. This should land you with plenty of different e cigs, so you can spend a good deal of time looking for one that matches your style. You might also want to do some research on different e cig manufacturers, just so you can get a basic idea of the level of quality you would end up with. It might take a reasonable amount of time before you find an electronic cigarette model that suits your standards, so don't be afraid to shop around for a bit and also to do some further research on any potential e cig side effects that you might encounter.


In general, the only e cig side effects that are known are those associated with nicotine. Since these e cig side effects are related to the nicotine itself, and not the electronic cigarette, it is safe to say that there are few side effects that should cause you any concern. Electronic cigarettes are safer, inexpensive, and easy to use - so give them a try.