Electronic cigarettes have been widely marketed in the UK over the past several years, and people have been using them in large numbers. However, there are growing concerns among e-cigarette smokers that a new ban might be placed on electronic cigarettes. At this specific point in time, electronic cigarettes can still be purchased legally from a variety of businesses in the UK. The authorities have made it illegal to market electronic cigarettes as a quit smoking device, so a lot of companies that sell electronic cigarettes are having difficulty effectively marketing their products. Will a ban on electronic cigarettes be imposed in the UK?

Primary electronic cigarette users

In actuality, the demographic that tend to use e-cigarettes the most are smokers themselves. These are regular tobacco cigarette smokers who also smoke electronic cigarettes on the side, specifically in settings where tobacco smoking is officially outlawed. As such, electronic cigarettes cannot be seen as a medical therapeutic product for smokers looking to quit, but rather as an alternative that is used specifically when smoking regular cigarettes is not legally permitted. This fact might cause the authorities to ban electronic cigarettes altogether. If they cannot be seen as a product that can actually help smokers lose their dependence on cigarettes, they could be seen as a product that actually increases the desire to smoke. For example, a non-smoker or minor might start smoking e-cigarettes just for the fun of it and then get hooked on nicotine and eventually start smoking regular cigarettes. Unless e-cigarettes can be seen as a solution to smoking, they face the risk of being banned at some point or another.

Couple vaping in a restaurant where there is no ban on electronic cigarettes

How to e-cigs work anyway?

E-cigarettes are typically small devices that function with a lithium-ion battery that converts a nicotine juice into a vapour that is then inhaled through a mouth piece. These devices can be charged via cable connected to a wall outlet, although some can be charged directly through the USB port of any PC or laptop. Some electronic cigarettes are activated by pressing down on a small button sticking out from one side of the device, while others are activated through the act of inhaling on the mouth piece. In general, e-cigarettes are handy devices that allow smokers to get their nicotine fix.

Can they be bought legally?

At this point in time, yes they still can. There is no ban on electronic cigarettes currently effective in the UK, and they can still be bought at a variety of commercial establishments. Probably the easiest place to find electronic cigarettes for sale is at an on-line retailer. From an Internet-based retailer you can find a lot of electronic cigarette accessories including replacement cartridges and different designs. If you are interested in buying some, whether for yourself or for a friend or someone in your family, your best bet is to shop at an on-line e-cigarette store.

Using electronic cigarettes

You can still use electronic cigarettes in public establishments including bars, pubs, and restaurants, unless particular establishments have a specific policy placing a ban on electronic cigarettes. As of now, enjoy the benefits of e-cigs while you can, because there's no way of knowing for sure how long they will continue to be legal within the UK.